Archie´s Wok — Asian (Hacienda Escondida Favorite Asian ) Francisca Rodríguez 130 Olas Alas about 10 blocks or a 4 dollar taxi ride to Archies —

Tel: (322) 222-0411

$$$ Since 1986, Archie´s Wok has been legendary for serving original cuisine influenced by the exotic flavors of Thailand, China, and the Philippines. As chef for Hollywood film director John Huston, Archie helped establish the culinary foundation of Puerto Vallarta.

Bravos — International Francisco I. Madero 263 — Tel: (322) 222-0339 — $$ In the midst of Puerto Vallarta´s happening nightlife scene and just a three-minute stroll from the town´s primo beach, this inviting South Side eatery offers up generous servings of flavorful international food and drink.

Daiquiri Dick´s — International  Favorite Olas Altas 314 — Tel: (322) 222-0566 — $$$ On the most popular beach in town, the kitchen of this casually elegant landmark perpetually reinvents itself. The menu, best described as Pacific Rim with a Mediterranean flair, uses the freshest ingredients and an artist´s touch to please the palate and the eye.


Di Vino Dante — Spanish Basilio Badillo 269, 2nd floor — Tel: (322) 223-3734 — $$ Di Vino Dante wine bar features a variety of wines, with an emphasis on Mexican and lesser-known Latin American blends, available by the glass, along with a creative choice of tapas, cheese and meat platters.


Kaiser Maximilian — International — (Hacienda Escondida Favorite Swiss Flair, Great Pork Chops, Sidewalk Seating) Olas Altas 380-B — Tel: (322) 223-0760 — $$$$ If you enjoy European sidewalk cafés and fine continental cuisine, this award-winning eatery evoking Old Vienna at its heyday is sure to charm you. The host Andreas Rupprechter named the place in honor of fellow countryman, Mexico´s former emperor. — Platinum


Our Neighborhood Emiliano Zapata...

Named after a leading figure in Mexico's 1910 revolution. Our neighborhood is sometimes referred to as either Olas Altas, Romantic Zone, Basilio Badillo, Lazaro Cardenas or Old Town. These are, in fact, names of well-known streets of our colonia, or neighborhood. An entire city within a city, Emiliano Zapata comprises a 9 x 9-block grid south of the Rio Cuale, waiting to be explored. 

This is the neighborhood of Old Vallarta.  Emiliano Zapata’s soul encourages you to relax your pace as all of the streets are cobblestone. The Cuale river wraps around Emiliano Zapata and, along with the small Libramiento tunnel, serves as its eastern boundary. On the opposite end, it meets Los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beach.

Our neighborhood is home to some of Puerto Vallarta’s finest gourmet restaurants  it also is home to some of our town’s most best taco stands and legendary eateries. It is also home to art galleries and mercados such as the Emiliano Zapata fresh Mercado directly across the street from our Hacienda.


Paying the Dinner Tab: Larger restaurants and stores take credit cards, pesos or dollars. smaller family owned and neighborhood restaurants can be CASH ONLY. Ask when you enter the restaurant to confirm. Many don't have functioning credit card processing equipment nor ATM's on site and ATM's are not on every corner or convenience store as in America and Canada.


At many restaurants the bartender nor the waiter does not handle the cash for payment. A tab is established for you and you are expected to pay cash and tip them at the end of the night. The bartender or waiter will deliver the check to you at the end of night or when you are ready to leave. You pay them and if change is needed they then will deliver the payment to the "money man" who handles the transaction. He/she provides the change to the bartender or waiter who will then bring your change back to you. Sometimes this will take a few minutes. Please learn patience, as things move much slower in Mexico.


Rules on Tipping: As in America or Canada tip 15% to 20% most wait staff must live on tips, some are paid tips only. At the better managed bars the staff paid a minimum wage which is only $5.00 to $10.00 US per day as a base wage. Yes, that is right $5.00 to $10.00 per day. Keep in mind that the cost of living is no longer cheap in PV for the average Mexican worker. They are paying the same prices you are at Wal-mart, for Gas and basics. Have fun, be generous in tipping and be safe.

Tips to dining in Puerto Vallarta Restaurants...


Eat with Confidence: In Puerto Vallarta you can feel confident eating at the listed eating establishments of cleanliness, quality and no worries about water or sanitation. We've found that the standards of Puerto Vallarta restaurants traditionally outrank those in the US in terms of freshness, quality and sanitation standards.


Is the food safe  & washed in clean water?  Absolutely yes. Puerto Vallarta is a major international city with 40% of the population at any given time tourism. The village was founded years ago but the city infrastructure is  less than 30 years old. Don't let the cobblestone streets that fill 90% of the city fool you into thinking that there is not sophisticated infrastructure. The water and sanitation system in Puerto Vallarta is constantly updated, most components have been built within the last 10 years with American and European technologies. The sanitation, water systems and restaurant purification systems in Puerto Vallarta is more modern and current than that of most American cities. Compare the age of the pipes and sanitation systems of downtown Detroit verses Puerto Vallarta. Given Detroit's age and bankruptcy we feel more confident in Puerto Vallarta. For 10 years in a row it has been declared the best water system in Latin America.



Los Muertos Brewing Company (Hacienda Escondida P.V. staff favorite Brewpub and Pizza)

Puerto Vallarta’s first craft brewery! Located in the heart of Old Town just 2 blocks from your villa at Hacienda Escondida Puerto Vallarta. Los Muertos Brewing is an authentic, cantina style brew-pub serving a variety of artisanal beers including IPA, malty ambers, stouts, and even fruit infused ales! In addition they have a great food menu and have the best homemade pizza in P.V. Made to order fresh and enough to feed 4 people for under $13.00 US. They also have delivery service for $2.00 US more.


Hours: Mon-Sun, 12pm-12am

Phone: 322 222 0308

Payment: Cash preferred but Visa & Mastercard Accepted

Address:Lázaro Cárdenas 302 just two blocks to the right from Hacienda Escondida PV
Attire: Casual Walk-Ins Welcome 
Parking: Street Parking but is just a 5 minute walk from our front door

Que? Pasa (Hacienda Escondida PV favorite Gringo Style Restaurant)


A (bar of our own) is a restaurant and bar serving the Vallarta community since 2004, is owned and operated by long-time Vallarta residents Tom Schmitt and Michael Hayes. Que? Pasa’s mission is to provide the local resident and tourist an alternative to the glitter, hype, and prices of the tourist driven establishments. 15 peso beers, 25 peso cocktails & 12 peso Gringo Tacos are examples. Great Fish and Chips. The result is a meeting place that incorporates the natural, relaxing outside patio dining with an area protected from the sun and rain. Great gringo style food made with the freshest ingredients at an affordable price. Que? Pasa showcases the best of the local music scene with a different live band four nights a week and plenty of room for dancing or just sitting back and relaxing at a value price. Locals and tourist, mostly American and Canadian Expat clientele.

Hours: Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 2:00 am Breakfast Lunch Dinner Coffee & Drinks
Address: Aquiles Serdan #625, just off the corner of Lazaro Cardenas
Attire: Casual Walk-Ins Welcome
Parking: Street Parking but is 1/2 block walk around the corner from our Hacienda Escondida P.V.
Payment Options: Cash Only

Can I eat salads and fruits safely?

Most restaurants in Puerto Vallarta get foods closer to the source a more sustainable and environmentally correct approach. Locally owned restaurants in PV typically do NOT use over processed ingredients or meats injected with steroids and other American mass market practices.

After purchase fruits and vegetables are soaked at most better restaurants with an antibacterial agent removing any bacteria, pesticides or other harmful substances. So yes at most restaurants you can eat the fresh fruits and veggies with confidence.

Hacienda Escondida Puerto Vallarta Dining Guide

There are many guides to restaurants and eating establishment in Puerto Vallarta. There are options for great street cart dining of authentic taco's to Five Star restaurant selections. Puerto Vallarta has become the second most popular destination in Mexico due to the quality of life, friendly service, beautiful beaches and great dining options.


Our list of features what we consider to be our personal favorites. There are literally hundreds of eating establishments to choose from. Our list is the Hacienda Escondida Puerto Vallarta Staff favorites. Feel free to explore beyond our selections with the other links provided.


Hacienda Escondida P.V.  Resort Villas

The Hidden House Bed & Breakfast Resort Villas

Calle Lazaro Cardenas 567, Zona Romantica, Colonia Emiliano Zapata

Old Town Puerto Vallarta,  Jalisco, Mexico 48380

Casa Naranjo — (Hacienda Escondida Neighborhood Favorite for International Flair) (2 Blocks from front door of Hacienda Escondida, A taste of Café des Artistes without the crowds)  Naranjo 263 — Tel: (322) 222-3518 — $$
Casa Naranjo has quickly become a favorite with in-the-know locals, its wisely concise Mexican and international menu created in consultation with renowned master chef Thierry Blouet of Café des Artistes. Everything is top drawer. Pork chops are thick and juicy, Beef Filet can be cut with a fork and the Red Snapper is to die for. Check out the specialty cocktails and desserts the Wine basted pear is a favorite,

Hours: Mon-Sun, 6pm-10pm

Phone: 322 222 3518

Payment: Cash, Visa & Mastercard Accepted

Address:Lázaro Cárdenas corner of 263 Naranjo just two blocks to the right from Hacienda Escondida PV
Attire: Casual Walk-Ins Welcome Parking: Street Parking but is just a 5 minute walk from our front door

Hacienda Escondida  P.V .Staff Restaurant Recommendations

 In our Neighborhood (walking distance from our front doors)...